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About Judith Barnes of JB Couture

Judith was born on the beautiful paradise island of Jamaica and there developed a passion for designing and creating beautiful things from the age of five. By age nine she designed and constructed her own personal fashion couture.

Numerous newspaper articles in many prestigious papers, of Southern Florida celebrate her cutting edge designs. Her splash and sense of style has been recognized in a series of local awards regarding her as one of Miami's top designers.

Several of her fashions have been featured by some of the world’s most beautiful women on programs such as America's Next Top Model. The 2009 Miss Jamaica rose to victory wearing some of Judy's signature designs. Her work begins to be recognized internationally...... with couture for every mood and occasion.......


In Judith's own words:


I define my personal style as kind of different, my gowns are made with lots of fabrics, with long mermaid and fish tails. I try to emulate the 40's and the 50's with my gowns. Working with beautiful material gives me the inspiration to design that one of a kind piece.

Fashion means a lot to me, fashion is my passion and all my life as a child growing up, my dream was to become a fashion designer, I was always drawing Barbie Doll figures in pretty dresses and making scrap books by taking fashion pictures from Vogue and fashion newspapers. Part of my life is fashion; I live it and make it.

It doesn't take me long to design and make a piece; I can make a wedding or ball room gown in one day if I sew all day. My reward after the design is done, is to see how it looks all together on one of my models.


My accomplishments as a designer is seeing my work on the runway, on the models and seeing how well it fits them. I have done so many fashion shows for so many good causes such as "Feeding The Kids", Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, and certain scholarship funds for the under privileged. I also attained a BBA in fashion design and marketing while working full time as well.

One of my favorite designers is Vera Wang because we share the same vision. We both design wedding gowns and pride ourselves on our design, hard work and dedication to our craft. My other designer is COCO Channel; I admire her for becoming one of the most famous designers. Her legend still lives on, I love her hats.

Depending on what I am designing, when I do have a customer that comes to me for a design, they will tell me what they want and I sketch the designs. Most of the time when I am making a new design, I would make the pattern or i would drape over them and make it.

My advice for an aspiring designer is to follow your dreams and work hard and don't give up because it is not so easy for all of us in this field and don't let any one discourage you.



Prom Gown From Top


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